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Make Pixel Art is a stand-alone app that works offline, stores your drawings locally, and is totally awesome. All paid versions have the same features!

Drawing tools: Draw, erase, fill, cut, copy, paste, rotate, outline, lighten color, darken color, and create isometric lines.

Pixel inventory: Collect and use free pixel pieces from the in-app pixel shop. Hundreds of reusable stamps make creating pixel art a snap! Create your own pixel objects to reuse and share, and stash them all in your inventory.

New pixels for you to use are added daily!

Share your art: Instantly share your drawings on Twitter, Facebook and your blog, or create a personalized artist profile and display your collection on All your drawings are available as transparent PNG files in multiple sizes!

Not convinced? Try the free demo!

  • Buy for iPad
    • + Touch pixels with your fingers on your iPad

  • Buy for Mac/PC
    • + Only $1.99!
    • + Enjoy handy keyboard shortcuts on your Mac or PC
    • Please note, you will be asked to login to your Google account before purchasing. After your purchase, Make Pixel Art will appear on your Chrome start screen.